Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spicy Pasta

Prepared sweet spaghetti for the kids over the weekend. Kept a plateful of the cooked pasta to be prepared later according to my instinct;-D

Come dinnertime, I made a spicy but very yummy pasta dish ( almost consumed all of it before I remembered to capture it on cam ;-D)


a plateful of cooked pasta
spicy bangus in oil (Sarangani Bay brand)
olive oil
garlic, onions, bell pepper (sliced into very small bits)
fresh basil
fish sauce
parmesan cheese

it is very easy to prepare:

- Saute garlic, onion, red bell peppers
- Put the spicy bangus (freh from the jar ;-D)
- Toss the pasta gently together with the fresh basil
- Put a little fish sauce
- Remove from heat and serve with parmesan cheese on top

Pasta dish in an instant - so yummy that you'll almost forget your name ;-D

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Sinigang na Lechon

Yes you heard it right, fellas! Cooked sinigang last Saturday when it was raining very hard here in Gensan. Why lechon? A generous niece gave me left over lechon and I have nothing to cook from our freezer since I feared that we will be encountering over the weekend the 20 hour brown out imposed by SOCOTECO II. ;-D

fresh kangkong from my backyard
sinigang mix
fish sauce

- saute the onions and tomatoes in vegetable oil
- add the lechon slices
- boil for around 20 minutes
- add the veggies (radish, eggplant, sitaw, talong - anything you fancy)
- put the sinigang mix and fish sauce according to your taste buds
It is now ready for serving. Best eaten with plain rice and fried fish on the side. ;-D

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sweets for my Sweetie Pies

fresh fruit salad

My kids are my number one fans when it comes to my cooking ;-D so it is but fair that I treat them every now and then with sweets overload :-D

suman (glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk)
drowned in very thick and hot native chocolate