Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Biggie Veggie Salad

After a brief hiatus from my normal day to day activities, I am back again to one of my usual fare, blogging! That is to blog about the things I love to do over and over again...

Last Sunday saw me busy preparing for foods to be brought to Forest lake for a merienda cena with my dear cousins as we remember our Lolo's death anniversary. Despite the weary feeling after the several week grueling training, I still managed to please my dear couz's taste buds! :-)

I just prepared goodies I could prepare, literally, with my eyes closed. We had spaghetti, biko and fresh veggies salad.

Prepared three kinds of food only to save on time and the very precious energy of my sexy body (charing!) and truly, it did serve its purpose. . . Yeah, only three but all in big trays :-)

The fresh veggie salad was a hit! They did not expect I could come out with those kitchen masterpieces despite the very short time I had, but I did! Making fresh veggie salad is after all as easy as singing your ABC's. . .. . all you need is the time to buy the freshest of this veggies for the appetizing look and taste... and your love for cooking and concocting new recipes!

It's good that we already have supermarkets with ready supplies of these veggies and fruits:


I just mixed these assortment of fruits and veggies and topped it with crispy chicken meat , prepared dressing made up of mayonnaise, olive oil, pickles and a little parmesan -- lo and behold - I have a big tray of salad to serve to a bunch of happy people!