Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cooking Tips

Here are some practical cooking tips from my kitchen to yours . . .

cooking eggs (hard boiled)
- 7 minutes at boiling temperature for chicken eggs
- 5 minutes at boiling temperature for quail eggs

peeling garlic
- it is very tiring to peel  garlic in big bunch - try submerging it in water for around
10 minutes and it will peel off easily ;-D

excessive salt when cooking
this can be remedied by adding diced potatoes, tomatoes or a little sugar to the dish you are cooking

teary-eyed  when slicing onions
try smiling he he he . . . refrigerate the onion for a little while before slicing, it helps!

making tomatoes last longer
try putting you tomatoes on your kitchen counter not inside your ref ;-D . . .

more kitchen tips coming up!

hope this could help in making our days in the kitchen super sunny ;-D

Back to My World!

 The cooking mom is back and this time with a big bang! :-D

Taking inspiration from a very good friend's cooking, I did not hesitated at all to appear on TV and showcase my passion for homecooking!  Yes, mamma mia! Am on TV and it's for real :-D

I'm confident that what we've prepared for the show tasted well because I've been doing those dishes over and over again.  Those were recipes I learned to cook through my friend's blog.

Of course, I had the jitters but it was very inspiring on my part to be rubbing elbows with ABS CBN's Mario Valentino since not all creatures has the same luck as mine ;-D  Many thanks too to his crew for the good angles as shown on TV.

With this very enriching experience, my passion for blogging and cooking has been awakened and am proudly declaring, I AM BACK!

Thank you dear friends for the very overwhelming support.  It meant a lot and won't be forgotten for a long, long time.