Friday, October 15, 2010

Jinky Went to Market

I'll do away from the usual cooking topic of this blog. I'll share with you, my dear readers, how far our Php100.00 can go nowadays when it comes to buying selected vegetables and spices.

Sayote/Chayote Php10.00
Carrots 13.00
Talong/Eggplant 5.00
Tanglad/lemon grass 2.00
Bawang/Garlic 15.00
Cherry tomatoes 10.00
Tomatoes/kamatis 10.00
Green chilies 7.00
Sibuyas/round onions 8.00
Red bell peppers 15.00
Onion leeks 5.00

This is quite pricey because I sourced them out from our air-conditioned supermarkets. For those with tighter budgets, above items can be bought at lower prices inside our laray/bagsakan area along Alunan Street, this city.

We just have to consider every time we go to the market, the freshness and the nutritional value of the veggies we are buying. Wilted items must be shunned upon because it won't last long and we can never be sure if it's still safe for our family's consumption.

This is a friendly reminder from a Mom who cooks and loves to do the marketing during her free time!

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