Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Tale of the Tuna Tail in my Kitchen

I have long been wanting to cook crispy tuna tail in my kitchen but it was not materialized for a long time. It's because I don't have the following:

a pan big enough to fry whole tuna tail;
the patience to wait for the frozen tuna tail thawed; and I have
fear that I might end up cooking tuna tail that is not fresh anymore and is laden with too much preservative.

Thanks to the fish section of the Robinsons supermarket. There I discovered that they are selling fresh tuna tail at Php70.00 a kilo. It is also interesting enough to note that scaling as well as chopping the tail to your desired cuts is being offered for free by the amiable staff in the fish section. I love mine sliced an inch thick for easy frying.

I just followed my dear lola's way of frying fish. Sprinkled a bit of salt over the fish and then I drizzled the seasoned fish with a little DM vinegar. The explanation I got from her was that the mixture of salt and vinegar makes the fish smell better and the fried fish' color would turn brown faster and I hereby affirm this myth from the kitchen of my younger years.

Now, I am bent on trying other recipes for tuna tail. Thanks to Robs fish section and to my lola, cooking tuna tail now is as easy as counting 123.


  1. lagi litz, makagana jud he he unsaon na lang ang diet ani. . .

  2. hi ate jinky ( i forgot the Ate in my other comment, he he he).
    mukhang masarap. i should have tried this with the tuna you gave us last time i visited GenSan.

  3. hi, els he he he..yeah, try natin to pagbalik mo dito. . .