Friday, September 24, 2010

A Piece of Fish Steak

I chanced upon the other day sliced fresh Malasugue fish at KCC supermarket. Bought a kilo composed of 5 neatly sliced glowing in freshness of this white meat fish.

The first two slices ended up as tinola for our dinner that night. What remained was cooked Pinoy Bistek style for our lunch this sunny Saturday noon.

calamansi, pepper, garlic, patis
oil (vegetable and olive)

I marinated for an hour the fish in calamansi, pepper, garlic and of course, Thai fish sauce (patis). I then fried the marinated fish in vegetable oil. Kids love our fried stuff well done so the fish was just taken out of the pan when it had this golden brown color.

Serving as toppings of our fish steak are onion rings stir fried in olive oil. You could smell the aroma of the onion once its done and it's sweet and spicy taste blends well with our tasty fried fish.

Best served with newly cooked white rice!

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