Friday, September 17, 2010

Crave for Steamed Fresh Crabs

A very good friend from Kalamansig supplies me with fresh crabs and prawns. If I'm not in the mood for cooking (although once in a blue moon), this is what I do with my crabs!

The easiest way to cook crustaceans, by steaming!

missing feet and claws courtesy of my little kittens in the kitchen (oh how they love it!)

This is so easy to prepare. you just need
salt and pepper( or whatever seasoning you want)
a large boiling pot and of course,
fresh crabs

Over mixed vinegar and water and topped with sprinkled seasonings, steam the crabs for 20 - 25 minutes and voila! Bright red, tasty crabs ready to be served right before your eyes...

Happy eating!


  1. I want crabs, bilhan mo ko te, let me know when he'll deliver so i can save up for the cost!

  2. sure, sheng! 280 to 330 a kilo lang, depende sa size kasi :-)