Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Fresh Basil Pasta Gift

It was the birthday of my niece yesterday. I gifted her a bilao of one of my kitchen masterpieces when it comes to pasta cooking.

Early morning yesterday saw me picking fresh basil leaves from my sister's garden. Picked a handful of it and early in the afternoon it served as one of the basic ingredients of a recipe I love most. Armed with my mortar and pestle, I made my own simple pesto made out of fresh basil, garlic, pepper, some local nuts and of course, olive oil. After pounding, I have a cupful of the aromatic basil leaves ready for mixing with my pasta sauce.

My pasta sauce is made up of the following ingredients:

garlic and onions sliced into small bits
fresh chicken meat sans skin and bones (sourced out from Robinsons Supermarket)
fresh milk
cream of mushroom
olive oil
Thai fish sauce (again from Rob, one thing I found out, a liter costs only Php59 pesos
compared to the 200 ml bottle priced at 27 :-)
(good for me because I don't use rock salt in my cooking )
fresh basil leaves /pesto

I usually do this recipe with seafoods but knowing there will be lots of young people in the party I settled for pure chicken meat and surprisingly, it tasted better!

I cooked the sauce the way I normally do with any spaghetti sauces. We just have to remember that the meat must be well done as well as the liquid ingredients. Last to be added on the sauce is the pesto/fresh basil to retain the aroma and its distinctive taste.

This is best served with toasted garlic bread, smile and love!


  1. HMMM! Basil Pesto Cream. Looks really yummy Ate Jinky! :)

  2. te jinks i want to try this sometime... hanggang tomato sauce and cream and milk sauce palang ako... manol pa ko sa pesto..hehehe

  3. wow, thanks, Chef Ria! uber sa saya ate mo kasi nagustuhan talaga ng guests yesterday he he

    yeah, dimps! try it usahay, dali lang sya i prepare ba as long as naay basil...didto gikan kay gay( amo seedlings sa basil. . .mang bunot lang ta sa iya plants he he

  4. Sarap basta pagkaon ang istoryahan makalingi ko.

  5. wow, tnx for the visit, Faust!

  6. Ate Jinks, hehe, you're welcome to my basil anytime!

    From Pasta: Lapit na birthday ko!

  7. he he tnx, gay!

    advance happy birthday, pasta!