Friday, June 17, 2011

It is Almost Pinakbet!

Pinakbet was one of the dishes I, at an early age, learned to cook. This is a popular Filipino dish composed of vegetables endemic to our native land and mixed with another Filipino pride, the bagoong.

Moving in our new home made me learn the basics of cooking dishes with one or two lacking ingredients. It's understandable because we are quire far from supermarkets and I still don't have a vegetable garden to be proud of yet.

Just the other day, I made Pinakbet sans bagoong and bitter gourd (ampalaya). Patis made a good substitute and the freshness of vegetables I used made the absence of ampalaya unnoticed :-) by my hubby and kids. . .

Even if my ingredients are incomplete, for me, it is still almost Pinakbet!

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