Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jinky's Home made Longganisa

home made Longganisa and hard boiled eggs for breakfast

here's my simple recipe of longganisa: (inspired by my scientist-friend Gay)

400 gms ground pork ( I usually buy this from Rob's meat section)
A little amount of salt, brown sugar, ground pepper, garlic
and organic vinegar ( accdg. to your preference)
1/4 tsp oregano juice (yes, mama mia - our herbal med when we were kids!)

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and voila! It's ready for frying and serving afterwards. However, should you wish to have a more tasty longganisa, please marinate it overnight. Also, you can shape it into flattened balls or sausages, any way you want it as long as it's pleasing to the eyes.

*I seldom cook processed food. We shun away form this type of food because I have a child who is allergic to food preservatives. . .
*I am into cooking because I find it practical and nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction when you see your family & loved ones partaking of the food you prepared with patience and love. . .
*The recipe on this post cost me only almost Php60.00 :-D but it's very healthy because it is with less fats and oils and only the purest ingredients were used. . .

I am recommending this recipe to all food buffs out there! let's go cooking!


  1. Wow Ate Jinky!!! Can't wait magka-kusina dito sa Thailand. Para makapagluto na ako.

  2. ;-) ikaw talaga ng inspire s kin magluto Gay ba. . . can't wait to take pictures of the plants I looted sa garden mo...buhay na buhay na silang lahat :-)..tcare dyan! I will try to cook using Thai curry tomorrow. . .