Monday, August 8, 2011

Sam's 9th

It was my Samantha's 9th birthday last Saturday. Being the first among the six kids to celebrate natal day for this year and being her first celebration inside our new home - I made it a point to make her birthday bash somewhat memorable.

With her sisters and dear cousins around - they had fun decorating her choco moist birthday cake with colorful Nips chocolate candies.

We also had spaghetti with red and white sauce apart from the tuna kinilaw, pancit guisado and native chicken tinola. A big hit for the kiddie guests was the stir fried chicken hotdogs.

For the dessert, we had chicken macaroni salad with lettuce and fresh tomato bits.

banana cupcakes baked by my best friend, Presy

Aside from the birthday cake and cupcakes, my friend also made this stromboli (Italian bread) for Sam. She personally prepared the dough, spiced it with some herbs mixed with lots of cheese. The dip was also courtesy of Presy. My kids and their cousins had an enjoyable time in frying and preparing the star of the party - the Stromboli!

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