Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sunday Meal

I love weekends because they mean a lot of time for me to prepare special recipes for my family. Just like last Sunday, I was able to serve these simple but special seafood recipes at lunchtime.
tuna kinilaw

Our home, General Santos City, is best known for tuna aside from being Manny Pacquiao's hometown. The cut I used in making this kinilaw is intended for sashimi but since I have no kikkoman and wasabi available in my cupboard it ended up as kinilaw (raw fish seasoned with vinegar, salt, ginger, onions, cucumber, radish, lemon and chilis).

shrimps with green pechay

My kids and I loved this recipe most. Organically grown pechay from a friend's backyard seemed to be the most perfect pair for fresh shrimps. Sauteed the shrimps and green leafy veggie in garlic, onion and tomatoes and seasoned with Thai fish sauce - very easy to prepare piece.

ripe lacatan for dessert

We all know that banana is a good source of potassium and Vitamin C. Having it as dessert completes our weekend lunch as family.

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