Friday, July 29, 2011

A Breakfast Date

fried rice, beef tapa, scrambled egg

scrambled egg, bacon and toasted bread

I recently had an early morning date with my husband. He treated me for breakfast at the coffeeshop of East Asia Royale Hotel. We seldom go out and eat without the kids in tow and it was one of those rare moments that there were only just the two of us. We ordered these sumptuous breakfast fare and we downed all of these with coffee and orange juice.

It was such a nice way to start the day. . .
yummy breakfast. . .
nice place. . . .
interesting conversation. . ..
It was one of the dates we have had that is truly worth remembering!

n.b. looking forward to another gastronomic date. . . .:-D


  1. Both yummy...but of course, I prefer the tapsilog! :) Glad to know that you & your hubby had a memorable breakfast date!

  2. :=D tnx a lot, Ms. Tina! You'll know it's a food blogger who went out for a date because only the food has pictures on her Ipod cam :-)