Monday, July 25, 2011

The Garden Beside my Kitchen

Makeshift platforms used by our home builders turned out to be very useful for the cooking mom nowadays. Those structures now became my elevated garden for assorted plants/herbs just right next to my kitchen.

After more than a month, this is how the space beside my kitchen looks like now. Lush greens and fresh scents of different herbs will greet one who steps out of my world :-D. . .

splendid dill . . . (remember my loots?)

shiny green celery (the missing stem and leaves were used in
my sotanghon guisado yesterday :-D)

the chives (waiting to be transferred to a bigger pot)

spring onions. . . (very easy to grow. . .)

lemon grass (commonly used for soupy dishes)
very healthy looking oregano! The mom is smiling now and getting ready for another round of longganisa making. . .

On my next post, I'll be featuring my other sideyard garden :-D


  1. wow watta nice garden mam,dyn k nlng kukuha ng pangsahog sa lulutiin mo!!!