Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let's Make Pancakes!

For two Saturdays in a row now, my kitchen/world was invaded by dear classmates of my kids. Good thing that I have a ready supply of goodies to be prepared for these invaders :-) . . actually, all the ready to make stuff from the shelves of our supermarkets :-D ( I stock on this stuff for emergency purposes only - unplanned visits, sudden urge to cook, etc.)

400g gram pack of ready to make pancakes together with canola oil, butter and milk can yield 3 plateful of super light, fluffy and tender heavenly snack for kids. . .
Topped with melted butter and maple syrup - these yummy pancakes widened the eyes of my young visitors!

Next time, I promise people, no more ready to make pancakes - I'll go back to basic cooking techniques when it comes to pancakes and doughnuts. :-)

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