Sunday, July 10, 2011

Seafoods Galore

If you have six pieces of fat crabs and 12 pieces fresh prawns - what are you going to do with those sea creatures?

A good friend gave me half a dozen fat crabs straight from Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat last Friday afternoon and I bought from Fitmart Gensan supermarket 12 pieces of fresh prawns for only Php123.00 ( wise buy for me because at the other supermarket - prawns of the same size costs P550.00 a kilo while at Fitmart - it's only P340 a kilo!)

The cooking mom wasted no time in preparing special dinner for the evening. I made two recipes with almost the same ingredients (the only difference was that the crab's meant for adult eaters while the prawns were for the kids!)
here's my recipe for super spicy crabs:
6 pcs. crabs (pre cooked)
lots of garlic
ground pepper
chili powder
DM catsup (original blend)
Thai fish sauce

Saute the garlic in butter/margarine until it's good enough to eat ( I hate over frying garlic since I love to eat this :-) ). You reserve some of it for garnishing. Put the crabs and all the other ingredients in the pan. Simmer over low heat until the sauce thickens. Then, it's good for serving. Garnish with previously sauteed garlic.
note: The spiciness and saltiness can be adjusted according to your taste buds... just be innovative!

The prawns were prepared with sweet and sour garlicky sauce:
12 pcs. prawns
lots of garlic
DM catsup (sweet blend)
Thai fish sauce

very easy to prepare - you just have to cook it just like the way I cooked the crabs!

happy cooking, everyone!