Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Roasted Chicken and Steamed Veggies

(tnx to Mam Gene Gales for the pic!)

I had a blast when I turned a year older two weeks ago. It was supposed to be an intimate dinner with my hubby and kids but friends and dear cousins came rushing in at dinner time to celebrate my day.

We had cakes, ice cream, noodles (spaghetti, palabok and pancit canton) and roasted chicken to feast on.

The cook in me turned into a kitchen masterpiece the simple roasted chicken pictured above and honestly, it was a big hit!

Green vegetables from my neighbor and mine's sideyard and backyard gardens completed my improvised recipe. I blanched in boiling water freshly picked okra, eggplant and kangkong leaves for a few minutes. I immediately dipped the blanched veggies in iced water and presto - we had green and crisp veggies ready to be served with fresh red tomatoes on top and sauteed bagoong on the side.

Cooking time and preparation took me less than five minutes! :-D


  1. wowwww ang sarap naman poh niyan ma'am Jinky...

    btw poh, I added you to my blogroll poh... SOCCSKARGEN Blogger... pah exchane link poh sana...

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  2. hi, arze!

    sure... thanks nga pala ha!