Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another Yummy Weekend Brunch

Again, woke up very early last Saturday and had my morning walk at Gensan's wet market. Fresh seafoods spread out by the vendors in front of the bustling supermarket crowd made me wish for more weekends to come :-D

Here are my top picks for our Saturday brunch!
Seaweed (lato) salad

This is very rich in iodine and several minerals. Best served with sliced fresh tomatoes, calamansi, onions and Thai chilies. Drizzling it with organic vinegar is a welcome add on.

Paksiw na Buntot ng Tuna (Tuna Tail)

This is not only tasty but budget-friendly as well :-D

ginger, garlic, pepper corns, thai chilies, fresh from the garden talong/eggplant
organic vinegar, vegetable oil, water, salt

Best cooked in a pot that is open while it is boiling - to let the acid escape. After awhile cover the pot again and simmer over low heat.

This dish is best served with plain rice (lots of it!) :-D