Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hampalaya (Bitter Gourd with Ham)

I have no problem with my kids when it comes to eating ampalaya. Children normally abhor the bitter taste of this veggie but in my case, I created a dish that made them love this veggie for life! I named this recipe as Hampalaya. It's a simple and nutritious viand ideal for breakfast and baon for the kids when they go to school.


ampalaya (medium sized)
sweet ham (sliced thinly)
garlic, onion, tomatoes
olive oil
salt to taste

It's very easy to prepare. Saute garlic, onion, tomatoes in olive oil. Add in the ham ( no need for longer cooking time because its pre cooked) and ampalaya. Cook uncovered to retain the color of the veggie. After a minute or two, put in the egg and salt to taste. No need for MSG because the ham will already enhance the taste of this recipe. Best served with fried rice, coffee/milk, fresh fruit and a smile!

n.b. A thing I learned from my Lola and found it effective, never touch or mix the ampalaya until it looks done so that it won't have bitter taste. Just let it cook in its own juice and the heat coming from the other ingredients.

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