Friday, July 30, 2010

Shrimps with Coconut Cream (Ginataang Hipon)

This is my version of ginataang hipon. I usually cook this over low fire until oil separates from the coconut milk.

shrimps (medium sized)
coconut milk
garlic and ginger
green chilies (optional)
vegetable oil
salt and pepper to taste

It's very easy to prepare. Saute garlic. Add the shrimps and continue sauteing. Simmer with the coconut milk and ginger and chili if you wish. Add the coconut cream (the thick one) and continue cooking until it's done. Season with salt and pepper. Best served on rainy days!


  1. I'm sure this tastes great! Mag-anti-histamine lang muna. :D

    First time ko dito, Ate Jinkz! Congrats to your foodie blog!

  2. thanks, sir ying!

    yeah, don't forget to take anti-histamine jud. . . :-)