Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Manila Food Trip (My Yakimix Experience)

One of the unforgettable places I visited in Manila (thanks to Lito and family) was Yakimix. This is a sushi smokeless grill restaurant located at the ground floor of Mall of Asia in Pasay City. They offer an eat all you can buffet of Korean, Chinese and Japanese dishes for Php580 per person. Amazingly, it's quite pricey but the throng of people I saw when we went there made me conclude - when it comes to good food, price won't matter anymore! Also, you have to make reservations a day before or hours prior to their opening time to be accommodated (huh!) and you have to wait for your name to be called before you are allowed entry inside the posh restaurant. Scheduled opening in the afternoon was at 5:30 PM but as early as 4:00 PM people with reservations were already waiting outside of Yakimix.

I was in awe with their food offerings from the salad bar/appetizers, different kinds of rice, wide array of main courses (cooked and uncooked) to desserts - fresh fruits, cakes, pastries, ice creams and other what have yous. . .
a plateful of assorted super yummy Chinese dishes

seasoned meats for grilling in our table
( I loved the experience of cooking the meat and seafoods according to my preference!)

eat all you can maki!
(waiters are refilling the maki line up almost every 10 minutes)
sushi, sashimi, crabsticks and other Japanese fares are also offered

pastries and cakes area

they also have eat all you can popsicles, ice creams and toppings

this is my creation - for my eyes not for my tummy
(I was so full already - no more room for sweets :-)

For me, Yakimix delivers! You get you money's worth and you'll definitely keep on coming back for more!

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