Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Manila Food Trip (Part I)

My recent very short trip (36 hours to be exact!) to Manila gave me colorful memories of the good food we've had. My daughter Rafee and I wasted no time in having a taste of foodies not yet offered here in our city.

It's a good thing that near ADMU where Rafee is studying are several food joints to choose from. My first choice was Kenny Rogers Roasters. Ordered their holiday plate composed of mouth watering Waldorf Salad, Barbeque Chicken, Java rice, muffin and sparkling apple juice. It really made me burp and burp :-)

Next on my list was Starbucks! Actually, this was the only place I dreamt of setting foot into once I go to Manila - and I did it! The other places I went to are bonuses already for me :-)
Starbucks fare for Rafee and I - Capuccinos, luscious choco doughnut and my fresh from the oven cinnamon roll! I swear, I loved it!

There's more about my Manila foodie escapade, please watch out for it, guys! Thank you!


  1. ate jinky, makalaway imong gipang post na food...hamisshuuu!!

  2. miss you cids..lagi tsarap tsarap jud :-)