Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Mom's Champorado

My Lola Iyay makes the best champorado during my younger years. We usually pair this fare with fried salted fish (bulad/daing). Having this food during rainy days was heavenly. It can sooth the numbness brought about by cold weathers.

I also tried serving my kids champorado and fried daing before and what I got was Ewwwww! For them, it was an odd pair so it's Ewwwww. . . . :-)

The mom in me made me look for ways to make my kids love champorado. Thanks heavens, there's fresh milk to the rescue :-) My kids now love more than ever my champorado!

here are the ingredients:
glutinous rice (cold rice can be a good substitute)
brown sugar
fresh milk

simple steps in cooking:
  • cook the glutinous rice in water inside a big casserole/pan (1 cup rice = 4 cups water)
  • when the rice is almost done, add your tablea/chocolate (stir until the chocolate melts)
  • serve immediately with brown sugar and fresh milk
Best served with your best smile for your kids!


  1. Oh no, Ate Jinks! Bigla ko namiss si Mommy!

  2. me too, Gay! na miss ko talaga lola ko. . . she's still the best if champorado ang pag-usapan. . .