Thursday, March 29, 2012

Super Baby Shrimps

I came across these super fresh baby shrimps during the early morning mangrove planting we had yesterday. Can't help it but beg the lady carrying a bagful of this to sell a portion of it to me. Good thing that she succumbed to my charm and persistence ;-D

During brunch, I prepared these two simple dishes out of the 10-peso worth of baby shrimps I bought earlier.

This used to be a childhood fave of mine. I  could still remember  the smell of of our house then - an aroma that could make everybody present there - frown ;-D However, buying those freshly caught from the bay shrimps made me see the difference between fresh and not so fresh seafood commodities. It's glaring! Yes, mamma mia, even my kid who was awakened by the delicious smelling dish I was frying can attest to my findings ;-D

baby shrimps
beaten eggs
salt, pepper, garlic powder
spring onions
vegetable oil

Mix the first four ingredients and deep fry in vegetable til it turns golden brown.
Best served with vinegar and garlic dipping sauce.


so easy to prepare . . . I just picked all the available veggies in my garden. Cooked in boiling water without oil . . . ahhh so refreshing to the palate!  Could make you crave for more . . .


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    1. yeah, very true - very tempting ;-D thanks for the visit . . .