Friday, October 28, 2011

Birthday Fun and Food

It was a blast when my youngest daughter, Jasmine, celebrated her 6th birthday recently. She was in euphoria because all her friends and sisters were present on that day. Also happier was the mom who prepared all the food to be served because my daughters were there to lend their helping hands during the preparation. At the end of the day, I could still smile for I was not dead tired from all the cooking with them in attendance.

Only a few of the foods we prepared were captured on cam by my daughter -Mimi. But it's all worth it for they all came appealing to the eyes :-D

prepared choco fondue with marshmallows and stickos for dipping

our maja blanca with crushed nuts on top

kropeck with organic vinegar and chilies straight from my garden

octopus shaped hotdogs (Inspired by cooking mom-bloggers)

sweet spaghetti loved by the kiddos!

mixed noodles for long life!

there's a lot more to show but nevertheless, thank you, Mimi! you've done a great job in capturing these photos with the IPod . . .

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