Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gardening Perks and My Nilaga

I've been into gardening for almost five months now and the perks it is giving me is simply priceless!

Gardening now serves as my stress buster. It is very rewarding indeed because, aside from being able to share with others the fruits of my harvest, I am given the chance to have access to fresh veggies at all times.

Just this morning, I picked from the garden two ears of sweet corn and several string beans to become ingredients for my nilaga. A neighbor raising hogs organically, slaughtered one and gave me some "buto-buto" to be cooked according to my liking. :-D Thanks to Ms. Tina who came up with a very inspiring dish I would love to do too.

Pork Nilaga
pork bones with lots of meat still intact
sweet corn
string beans
onions, garlic and ginger
Thai fish sauce

Boil in water the meat together with the spices for an hour or until the meat falls off from the bones. Add the sweet corn until it's cooked and lastly, put in the green veggies ( I just used string beans because I have not planted pechay/cabbage yet :-D). Season with Thai fish sauce.
Best served piping hot. Of course, please don't forget the steamed rice :-D!

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